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Prison Tamale

Prison Pies Menu

Food inspired by items purchased at the commissary. Made by REAL convicts


Main Prison Pies Items

Prison Tamale image

Prison Tamale

Dorito masa with shredded beef inside


Maniac Tamale image

Maniac Tamale

Prison Tamale with beans and cheese on top


Prison Nachos image

Prison Nachos

Tortilla chips with nacho cheese. Hot sauce and jalapeños can be added at no cost on the side.


Maniac Nachos image

Maniac Nachos

Prison Nachos with shredded beef and beans added


Chow Hall Hot Dog image

Chow Hall Hot Dog

Quarter pound all beef hot dog on a bun. Ketchup. Mustard, Relish, or Onions are available at no cost on the side



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Dopefien Pie image

Dopefien Pie

Oreos, mixed with brownies, mixed with honey buns



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Hot Cadillac Coffee image

Hot Cadillac Coffee

Your choice of chocolate or caramel syrup with various candy options *Candy options subject to change *


Soda image


Coke or sprite in a bottle


Water image


Water in a bottle


Cold Cadillac Coffee image

Cold Cadillac Coffee

Iced flavored coffee with your choice of chocolate or caramel syrup and various candy options. *Candy options subject to change *


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